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Greener Homes 2021

25-26 September, 2-3 October 2021

We are running a Dorset Greener Homes this year with DCAN. We plan to open homes, allotments, gardens, schools, village halls youth clubs and churches to visitors to showcase steps to reduce  carbon footprint and try to live more sustainably.

If you think you might wish to take part, or know someone who might , here are further details.

Some of the homes are older buildings, where low-cost measures have been taken to reduce energy and water – cutting out draughts and insulating your home can pay for itself within a year or two. Some are newer buildings, with efficiency planned into them.  Many of these use traditional low-energy natural materials, like lime render. And others reduce their energy by adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. 

For features of the homes, follow this link  ( still under construction)

Whether you are planning a new building, improving your current one, or picking up useful tips to cut down your fuel bills, you can talk to the people who have learnt  from experience.

More details on all the homes can be found at

Greener Homes are free to visit, and you will be made welcome. However, please remember that the householders are generously opening up their homes to the public, so please be considerate.

Planning your visit
• Each home has different opening times, and some require prior booking. Please try to keep to the advertised opening times.
• Supervised children are very welcome. Please leave your dogs at home or in the car (apart from guide dogs).
• We have done our best to make your visit as safe as possible but be aware that it takes place at your own risk. Please mind your step.

This project has been organised by volunteers from Dorset Climate Action Network.

For Further Information   
Please contact  or telephone 07715171948
if you have any questions.




Video from 2015

  • A video has been made of 2015 EcoHomes - follow this link. Ro, Sally, Jyoti and Julie talk about the inspiration they get from others, and why they are happy to talk about sustainable living. In this version the introduction with Emily and Sam has been cut.
  • There is a video of some of the Ecohomes from 2013 which can be viewed here. They were produced by filmaker Ali Cameron with Pete West, and support from CLS.
  • Other information can be found  by follow the menu links on the left.
  • 2016 open EcoHomes details can be found here. Please pick up a leaflet from the information centre.

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