Plastic Free Bridport

Plastic Free Bridport

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The Story of Plastic

West Dorset Friends of the Earth are arranging a screening a discussion of this film  on the impact of plastics on our planet. Watch the trailer here
You can book your slot to watch the film  any time between 17-23 February by clicking on this link. There are limited viewings so book early.

23rd February 7.00 pm: discussion on the film.  

Plastic Free Bridport will host a Q&A discussion on Zoom, and will be joined by Friends of the Earth’s lead on plastic pollution, Camilla Zerr. Click  here to take part.

A Message from the Mayor Ian Bark:

The campaign to achieve Plastic Free Bridport status has been re-ignited. This does not mean banning all plastic but is an attempt to get rid of single-use plastic in as many places as we can.

In the past 100 years, humans have produced (and used) a lot of plastic. It’s cheap, strong, light and versatile, but all of it eventually ends up in the ground, in the air , and in the sea – which is where marine animals like albatross, dolphins and turtles ingest it. Our plastic waste has invaded the highest mountains and deepest oceans. No one knows exactly how long it will take to disappear, but it’s at least hundreds of years. Plastic breaks down, not to disappear, but often to be ingested by the smallest of creatures. Human beings now ingest thousands of plastic particles a year from drinking water, the air and from our food chain.

Plastic-free community status requires us to build an alliance to remove as much plastic as possible from businesses and organisations. To form an alliance, we need allies. I have recently become the Mayor and will soon enlist the Town Council to declare its support. I am asking Transition Town Bridport to join with us to promote this idea to Bridport by becoming an ally. This would involve:

i. Helping us get the word out by obtaining the agreement of your membership and declaring that you support our initiative.

ii. Examining your own practices – are you already avoiding single-use plastics and what further steps could be taken for them to be replaced or removed?

iii. Support our aims by agreeing to help publicise our campaign. This could involve having our publicity material available at your meetings or even joining us in organising an event (such as an on-line film).


With your help, we can begin to educate Bridport to the extent of the plastics crisis and hopefully enlist their support. There are nearly 700 plastic-free communities across the UK: Lyme Regis, Weymouth and Portland are successfully engaging with their communities nearby.

If you are keen on the idea, please contact us via the email address below.


Ian Bark, Mayor of Bridport


Reducing Plastic Use

Are you concerned about the plastic in your life?

Here are some suggestions of how to reduce your usage, from Joe Burlington and Elspeth Waldie - What to do about Plastic., or these from

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We've got to tackle this problem before our oceans, our environment and our entire food chain is poisoned.

For more information on the Plastics inside us, follow this link. Another article on microplastics can be found here.
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