This group will be a key player in leading the discussion on preparing an 'Energy Descent Plan' for Bridport, but in the meantime our brief will be to look at ways to reduce people’s energy use; actual - by way of household gas and electricity, and embedded - by way of energy-intensive goods and services.




Chit Chong, a member of this group is working on a project to facilitate workshops on
draught-proofing – around windows and doors, and also cheap and effective ways to line
curtains. There are some very economical and simple ways to achieve a considerable

reduction in the heating bills of many homes.

Chit writes:
The plan is to have a train the trainers event with 6 to 8 people at someone's home this side of Christmas or just after New Year. This will be followed by two training events at the end of January/ February. I would hope that these would attract 10 people each. I would like to provide about £20 of draught proofing material to each person attending the training course subsidised to an average of about 75%. This gives some latitude to the organisers to provide the material free to a few needy people if necessary and still provide the material extremely cheaply to the other attendees. Depending on funding, I would like to provide attendees with a minimum discount of 50%. The £20 of material should provide sufficient to draught proof a door and three to four windows, enough get people started. I will also negotiate a deal with a local supplier so that attendees can get a trade discount should they wish to complete the draught proofing for their homes.

Ideally, the main training events will also be held at other peoples homes as this will give a representative feel for attendees and give another person a draught free home.

The materials I intend to use are those already used by Transition Town Belsize in their joint events with Camden Council. They can be seen on the attached link.;jsessionid=DB1E12C9D56590FF8A84186C47758B37

Press Release 06/02/12

The sudden return of the cold weather last week was a sharp reminder of how difficult it is to stay warm in a draughty house.  With fuel costs rising, it is even more important to stop the wind taking away our precious heat.

That is why Transition Town Bridport is proposing a major Draught Busters Campaign. They aim to run workshops to train people how to install draught-proofing. The first stage will be on Saturday 25 February to train the trainers. Any readers who would be interested in joining this session should get in touch through email, or ring Chit Chong on 07970 483188 for further details.

If you have a draughty house and would be willing to host a training session in the future, Draught Busters is offering to treat your draughts for free. Otherwise if you would like to attend a training session in the future, get in touch. Draught Busters is negotiating  for the supply of materials at cost prices. You don’t have to be a DIY expert, just know which end of a hammer is which.

This is a fantastic way of helping people keep warm and save money

Energy monitors

The first project has been to support the County Council's new 'Energy Monitor Loan' scheme through the library service, teaming up with the Town Council to assist in rolling the project out and to collect data from users to assess its success.

The launch of the scheme was at Bridport Library on Monday 25th October, and one of our members, Maggie Ray, was the first to take advantage of the opportunity to check her household electricity usage.


It was reported at TTB's Steering Group meeting on 25th November that the launch of the energy meters at the library has been a great success and there is now a waiting list for borrowing.   The library is happy with the scheme and three reports have already been received back.

Please contact us if you would like to be part of this group.

How to make a solar hot water system from plastic bottles (Ecologist article)

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