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Bridport Fashion Revolution update

All those who came to our launch night or to see the film 'The True Cost' will be aware of the work done by the campaigning group Fashion Revolution, which was set up as a global response to the thousand people killed and injured in the collapse of the Bangladesh garment factory in 2013.

To commemorate that day, FR are holding a week of events all around the world, starting 18 April until 26 April. The aim is to highlight the need for environmental and social change in the fashion industry. In Bridport this year, our event was to have been a Fashion Show, as a grand finale to our Bridport Fashion Revolution. However, as we have had to stop our campaign in mid flow, we will have to come back to that and instead  look to how we can participate from home. 

From Fashion Revolution....

With hundreds of virtual events taking place around the world during Fashion Revolution Week, we've curated a few of the highlights to add to your calendars. You can find a full listing of Fashion Revolution Week events on our website, and stay tuned to our social media feeds for live broadcasts on Instagram Stories and our YouTube channel

Also what better week than this to make a Rana Rag doll. This is a community project to make a doll for each of the workers who died in the Rana Plaza disaster.
See link for pattern and instructions. Don't forget to upload your photos on Bridport Fashion Revolution Facebook page as well! 

Throughout the week we will be putting new posts on the Facebook page, including templates of emails to send to the fashion brands you like to make sure they are working towards fashion sustainability. Please post 

A HUGE thank you to Soulshine for collecting a donation of £93 for Fashion Revolution on our Love Your Clothes evening in March.       
- Lesley
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