Fashion Revolution

Bridport Fashion Revolution

Clothing and fashion is a massive industry, with a carbon footprint greater than aviation and shipping combined. From fields where GM cotton is sprayed with Roundup and 30% of the worlds use of pesticides; to workers toiling in sweatshops at minimum wages, under unsafe conditions; to the customer who will wear them on average ten times and then send them mostly to landfill. This is a dirty industry. We can change our habits - there is hope if we choose differently: choose to buy quality & consume less, to recycle and to repurpose, to love and hold on to our choices, to choose sustainable, ethically produced clothes with clear supply lines.
We are running nine events, as well as school assemblies and displays in charity shops. Click on the
thumbnail below to view the flyers, and scroll down for details of each event.

All our events have been postponed due to the coronavirus threat. We hope to run them as soon as we can. Thanks to the great team for all the work you put in. Let's try again as soon as we can!

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